About LER

About Us

Love Ellis Rose is a family-owned business in Australia. 
Owners, Kurt & Keiara are high school sweethearts who in 2016 gave birth to a beautiful little girl Mila who was born with a Unilateral Cleft lip deformity.
Keiara started documenting her journey on YouTube through parenting & navigating through raising a strong little girl with a mission to break the stigma around deformities & differences.
With every 250 orders we donate funds to do a cleft lip or palate repair to give children with a cleft deformity an easier start in life. 
Every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft condition & doesn’t have access to the health care facilities we are privileged to have. 
By supporting us, you are supporting our vision & our local small businesses so...


Meet the Team
Keiara and Kurt
Keiara & Kurt are the beautiful couple and owners of LER. You may describe them as the 'Dream Team' with Keiara's Virgo sun sign shining in the business world with her organisation skills and hard working nature, and Kurt being the absolute best hype man and photographer behind the lens, while also managing and assisting with everything behind the scenes and the ins and outs of the business! These two soul mates have gone from starting LER in 2019 as a small Jewellery business based in their garage, to now in 2022 retailing clothing, having an amazing team, a local store and constantly expanding! Talk about AMBITIOUS...
Syena is not only LER's biggest fan but also Keiara's baby sister. She has been working for LER since the beginning! From wrapping orders in the garage to now managing customer service, marketing and being an all rounder, she has really grown with the business. She now lives on the other side of Australia working from her laptop and living her dream life with her dream job! Syena is the girl behind the keyboard who will be helping and assisting you with all your questions and enquiries.
Amber is our rock! She is an absolute wiz with everything she does at LER. Amber is our in store and warehouse master that prepares, wraps and posts each of your orders, plus helps us out in every way she can. She is hard working, fun loving and is such an asset to our team. Being Syena and Madi's best friend since school, we have all known Amber for so long now and love her to bits! Come in store and say hello to Amber!  
 The LER Team! XX